Information and community page

Information and community page

Full-Stack was a site programmed by me to provide users with access to data and statistics on various elements of the game Rocket League.

What makes stand out?

The site provides users with various functionalities that help them determine the value of items in the game and exchange them on a barter exchange. The pricing is based on automated market prices provided by the site.

What is this intended to achieve?

The goal of is to provide users with a simple and reliable way to determine the value of items in the game Rocket League and exchange them on a barter exchange. The site is intended to serve as a reference and meeting place for the community and help promote interest and passion for the game.

What technologies did I use?

To implement, I used several technologies, including:
  • Laravel: A PHP web development framework.
  • MySQL: A relational database management system based on SQL.
  • Redis: An in-memory data structure store, used as a cache layer.
  • Steam API: A collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) provided by the Steam gaming platform.
  • Axios: A JavaScript library for sending HTTP requests.
  • SASS: A CSS preprocessor that allows CSS stylesheets to be expanded and structured.

Screenshots of the page

Here are some screenshots of to give you an idea of the look and functionality of the site:
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About me

I'm a software developer from Germany. I've been working with software development for more than 12 years. I'm passionate about technology and I love to learn new things. I'm currently working as a senior software developer at a company called "Engel & Völkers Technology".

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