Search usernames on the Internet

Search usernames on the Internet

Sherlock-Deno is an open source tool that allows users to search usernames on the Internet and check if they are already used on different websites.
The application is written in TypeScript and uses Deno as its runtime. It is based on Sherlock by Siddharth Dushantha.

How does it work?

Sherlock-Deno uses the API of Sherlock and HTTP requests with fetch to load HTML content from web pages. Here is a screenshot of Sherlock-Deno in action:
Screenshot of Sherlock-Deno searching for "checkerschaf"

How can I use it?

After installation, Sherlock Deno can be started directly in the terminal.
sherlock checkerschaf
This command searches for the username "checkerschaf" on various websites and prints the result.

How can I extend it?

Sherlock-Deno can also be extended by writing your own scripts that use Sherlock's API. For example, you could create a script that automatically sends a notification when a certain username becomes available on a new web page.
For example, the Sherlock-Deno-Web project creates a web application that uses Sherlock-Deno to check usernames.

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