Real estate portal distributor

Real estate portal distributor

Full-Stack is a platform that helps private individuals to market their commission-free properties on all relevant real estate portals. By distributing exposés to various real estate portals, customers no longer have to manually create and manage an ad on each portal themselves. Instead, they can create their ad just once on and from there automatically transfer it to all major German real estate portals and another 100 portals.

What is to be achieved with this? aims to simplify the real estate marketing process for private individuals and help them save time and money. This simplification of the marketing process should enable customers to sell or rent their properties faster and easier.

What technologies did I use?

Several technologies were used in the development of, including:
  • Laravel: Laravel is a PHP web framework that helps developers build applications faster and easier.
  • Node.js: Node.js was used to distribute exposés on real estate portals.
  • MySQL: MySQL is an open source database used to store and manage data in
  • Heidelpay: Heidelpay is a payment service provider used by to enable secure payments.
  • External APIs of real estate portals: also uses APIs of various real estate portals to enable the distribution of exposés to these portals.

What failed?

It is possible that failed for several reasons. One possible reason could be that the founders had too little time besides their Abitur to take care of the startup. High school graduation and founding a startup are both time-consuming endeavors, and it can be difficult to manage both at the same time.
Another possible reason could have been the advertising costs were too high. Advertising is important to make a startup known and attract customers, but it can be expensive, especially for a small company that is still in the process of being established. spent a lot of money on advertising, but should have spent even more money on advertising to cover the costs of developing and running the portal.
Finally, a high moderation cost also contributed to the failure of The platform had many ads that needed to be moderated to make sure they complied with the guidelines. This was a huge burden on the team and took time and resources that were needed for other important tasks.
Lines of code
Development time
12 months

About me

I'm a software developer from Germany. I've been working with software development for more than 12 years. I'm passionate about technology and I love to learn new things. I'm currently working as a senior software developer at a company called "Engel & Völkers Technology".

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